August 7, 2007 Xbox 360 Console Update: Play that (wireless) guitar

You may be wondering what was updated on your 360 when you said yes to the update it offered on August 7, 2007 (or whenever you turned it on again after that date). I’ll let “Major Nelson” explain in his own words:

Moments ago, the team released a system update (aka Dash update) to Xbox Live. Over the next few hours, when you sign in to Xbox LIVE, you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. What’s in this update? The only thing this minor release will do is prepare your Xbox 360 for the wireless guitars that are being released in a few months.

No new features beyond this wireless support are included in this update. As usual, we’ve got some new features planned for later this year as part of our biannual release cycle.

Until then, keep practicing your music-making on those oh-so-agreeable hands-free air guitars.


2 Responses to “August 7, 2007 Xbox 360 Console Update: Play that (wireless) guitar”

  1.   1 Alex

    Lame, I was hoping secretly deep inside that against all odds it would in fact be the cool new dashboard with netflix. Oh well

  2.   2 Jo Williams

    Well.. the update for the avatars was pretty cool =)

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