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iPhone and iTunes not syncing some photos problem

For some reason iTunes (on a Windows Vista PC, in this case) is having a problem syncing certain photos with my iPhone. I’ve created a separate iPhone folder for photos that I want to keep on the device, and filled it with 44 pictures for my test. But only 15 of the photos got transferred from the folder to the iPhone. What’s more, some of the photos that transferred are messed up, with weird errors, as shown with this one (bad resolution because I had to take it with a Nokia phone up close; I don’t have a digital camera).

Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Solutions? Comments welcome.


Is your iPhone too hot to handle?

I wrote earlier today about my iPhone crapping out and replacing it, and at one point I was so worried that it was unusually hot I nearly challenged the heat by forming a little aluminum foil bed on which I’d rest a cracked open egg, to see if it would turn opaque. Well, this replacement phone is much cooler, I have to say, but I’m wondering if others have hot-handed iPhones that feel way too hot, and would like to hear if they stay safe or fail and wind up needing a fix. All comments welcome.


The New York Times: All the Films You Want to See, but When? By Joe Hutsko

All the Films You Want to See, but When?
By Joe Hutsko

Downloading movies over a high-speed Internet connection offers the promise of convenience, but promise is the operative word for this new method.

Read the story on the New York Times.

Related: PODCAST
Tech Talk, June 20, 2007
Tom talks to writer Joe Hutsko about what it’s really like to download and watch movies from the various services vying to deliver video right to your PC or TV.

Listen to the podcast.


On Surfing Safari – Five Tips for using Apple’s new Web browser

Five Safari for Windows tips
by Joe Hutsko

Apple this week jumped into the Windows Web browser world with Safari 3.0, available to download in beta form from Beloved by Mac users for its speed (but begrudged for incompatibilities with certain websites and features, including the inability to use those handy pop-up section navigations buttons on this site itself, for instance), Safari for Windows test-drivers will find some things old, some things new. Here are five tips to help you get started.


On Nike + iPod: Be all that iCan be?

On Nike + iPod: Be all that iCan be? by Joe Hutsko

Also: Turn your iPod into a personal trainer & Five spring sports gadgets

In the story I mention how the lozenge-size sensor tucks into the Nike + running shoe, however you can also make clever use of Velcro to attach the sensor to your existing, non-Nike + runners. Better yet, I found a couple of inexpensive products that accomplish the same feet. Er, feat. See below.

Sport Sensor Nike iPod Sport Kit Shoe Pouch for Nike+iPod Nike+iPod Sport Kit Shoe Wallet Nike + iPod Sport Kit MA365LL/B


In MacWorld: Living a Second Life

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve written for MacWorld, and I’m happy to be back in the magazine with this story in the April, 2007 issue: Living a Second Life: Maximize your experience in the virtual world. Here’s a PDF version of the story as well.


SOHO Notes: The start of a long-term working relationship?

SOHO Notes in actionThis is a test, to see if I can post a blog entry directly from SOHO Notes for the Mac – particularly if it supports formatting, like italics, and bold. If so, cool. I may be using SOHO Notes more for my day to day work – non-fiction and creative/fiction – than I have in the past. It seems like a more functional way to bring lots of disparate information together, under one roof. It has a Palm sync option, so I’m covered on that front, and there’s also a Journal folder, and another for keeping track of Passwords – securely, I expect. A side feature is called Services, which lets you search for info in SOHO Notes much the way you search for system-wide information using Spotlight. A little panel in the lower right corner bearing the SOHO Notes tab pops open for quick access to SOHO Notes folders, and there’s also a clipboard feature for going back several steps to information copied to the clipboard, to paste as needed. That could come in handy. I also see a little key icon in the middle of the tabbed SOHO Notes pop-up window, and I’m guessing that is for access to the aforementioned passwords I’ve saved. Possibly more to come on this subject, as I continue to work with the program.

Update: I was not able to post to my blog as directly as I expected; I need to figure out an Atom API connection between SOHO Notes and my blog.


Samsung BlackJack i607 review: Smart, sleek, but bound by data fees

Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone (Cingular) The Samsung BlackJack is beautiful to look at and the slightly rubberized finish feels nice in the hand. Using the main keyboard is pretty comfortable, however the center OK button and surrounding directional buttons often lead to mis-taps on either side.

The BlackJack’s screen is bright and ultra-sharp. Out of the box the phone syncs perfectly with Outlook. That means contacts, calendar and to-do items, emails – and thanks to an add-in extra, sticky notes, too. (For some reason Microsoft doesn’t offer Outlook sticky notes sync with Windows Mobile 5 as standard equipment, hence the helpful add-in that comes with the BlackJack.)

It’s worth mentioning that the BlackJack comes with two batteries, which suggests the battery life isn’t the greatest. Such was the case in my test of the phone, which meant I always had the extra one charging with the charger, and when at my desk I kept the phone plugged in to the USB cable to keep it charging at the same time. USB charging is always a nice touch, and one I appreciate on my Palm Treo 680 as well.

The BlackJack’s applications – Internet Explorer, Email, Media Player – run smoothly, but as with all Windows Mobile devices you may want to keep tabs on what’s running in memory, then manually cancel loaded but unused programs in order to maintain an overall snappier responsiveness when opening menus and operating programs. I’ve always found Windows Mobile devices a bit tricky to get used to, mostly because settings are scattered all over the place and require lots of hunting to get to exactly what you’re looking for, and the BlackJack was no exception.

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On TV Guide: 2006 Gadget Gift Guide

My gadgets, gear and game machine picks for TV Guide’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2006. Happy Holidays!


Nokia’s 6682 Smartphone: Your Office in Your Pocket

My sidekick Nick at WXOU Radio barI’m writing this entry on a Nokia 6682 smartphone at my West Village neighborhood bar, WXOU Radio. This is one of the best phones I’ve ever used. The number of bars I get on Cingular are double what I ever got on a Treo, and the sound through both the earpiece or speakerphone is loud and clear. Standout features include a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and 6x zoom that’s activated by sliding down a protective lens cover. Bluetooth lets me swap pictures and videos with my Mac PowerBook (or a PC with Bluetooth). It also lets me sync the 6682 with my Mac’s Address book, and iCal calendar items and tasks. Happily, iSync syncs all of my Address book fields, including two addresses, multiple phone numbers and email addresses, birthdays, and even photos for those contacts that have them, whereas some phones sync only some but not all of these fields.

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