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UPDATE: As you can see in my prior entry, I gleefully shared my experience of blogging by cellphone, but when I checked the post, not everything turned out as expected. I learned that the note I filled out on the phone creates a caption but doesn’t necessarily place it where I want. And that the […]

Thu 05/25/2006 14:02 05252006(003)
My home office workspace
Thu 05/25/2006 14:02 Text note
Having blogged yesterday on how the Nokia 6682 is a great pocket-sized office-on-the-go, I left out one very key feature: Nokia LifeBlog. With it, I can snap a photo when I’m out and about (or bound to my actual home office, as shown here), add […]

…the combination of the Nokia 6682, Bluetooth keyboard, and Cingular MEdia Net unlimited data plan provides a tiny but totally tapped-in communications and computing device that’s perfectly suited for weekend visits to my mom’s or light duties at the local café.

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