iPhone 3G protection match made in heaven: Invisible Shield and Griffin Elan Form

I’ve sung the praises of Zagg’s Invisible Shield screen protector for iPhone and most recently, for the iPhone 3G. Invisible Shield provides a nice touch and slightly watery effect that’s pleasant view, and most important of all it hides those ugly fingerprint smears. In my recent review of the new iPhone 3G shield I reported on how glad I was to see the new version closed the circle around the Home button, however I bemoaned the upper and lower flaps that gave me such a hard time I wound up slicing them off for my third (and successful) installation.

Good news: Zagg’s new revision ($14.95 for front shield; $18.95 for back shield; $24.95 for both) says goodbye to the flaps altogether. Nice.

In related iPhone 3G protection news I picked up Griffin’s Elan Form ($29.99) case a few weeks ago. The hard polycarbonate plastic case is finished with nicely textured leather that feels good in the hand – and integrates so tightly you’d think it was Apple’s own design. The lower half detaches to allow the iPhone 3G to stand in a dock, and though my retrofitted iPhone Bluetooth headset dock can accommodate my 3G, I’ve taken to using the travel cable instead rather than be bothered with removing and reattaching the lower half each time I reconnect my 3G. The Elan Form also comes with a shiny clear plastic shield (which shows finger smears) to protect the screen, but I’ve left that off in favor of the Invisible Shield.

Combined, these two iPhone 3G add-ons inspire a new take on the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup line: Two great fits that fit great together.


10 Responses to “iPhone 3G protection match made in heaven: Invisible Shield and Griffin Elan Form”

  1.   1 Jason

    Hi Joe

    I have an iPhone 3G with invisible shield (front and back) and have been trying to look for a case that would fit it.

    So does the Griffin Elan fit a 3G with “Full body” invisible shield?

  2. 2 Joe Hutsko

    Hi, Jason. You bring up a very good question/point. I personally don’t bother with the rear Invisible Shield. But if I did I’d be concerned because in my case the Griffin Form shell *did* create a longish vertical scratch on the back of my phone. Albeit barely noticeable, a scratch nevertheless. Which makes me believe the added thickness of a rear Invisible Shield would definitely impact easily sliding it on and off, though at the same time the shield would presumably prevent the scratch from appearing. Tough call, and hard to say whether my Griffin hard-shell case is perhaps warped a tiny bit, thus causing the minor scratch. I’d be curious to hear from other Griffin users as far as their own back-of-iPhone scratches or no scratches.

  3.   3 Alan

    I just installed my Invisible Shield for iPhone 3G (front and back) and the Griffin Clarifi case I ordered from apple.com is on route today. I’ve always been a big fan of the Shield and have installed it on every iPod that I have. The Elan case looks great, but the updated Clarifi case has that magnifying lens for macro shots.

    I did apply the back of the Shield with the thought the Griffin case might scratch the back during install – although I’m thinking that may make it harder to slide in…maybe a little bit of soap will help ease the installation? Anyways, I’ll update once I’ve tried it…and Jason, those stupid flaps were a pain in the ass but they did finally behave

  4.   4 Alan

    just installed the Griffin Clarifi case over the Invisible Shield – looks great.

    As I expected, sliding the phone into the case with the back of the Shield installed was a bit tight, but pretty simple to do.

    I like the design of the new Clarifi case and the magnifying glass that slides over the existing lens definitely improves macro photos with this phone.

  5. 5 Dave

    Hey Alan… does the Grffin Clarifi come with a screen protector? (It says so on the apple store). If so, what type of screen protector is it? stick-on?


  6.   6 Alan

    Dave, yes it did come with a hard plastic protector. I didn’t apply it since I left the front IS on, but it is a stick-on that completely covers the front…oh and it comes with a cleaning cloth as well.

    I’ve posted some pictures of it on flickr –

  7.   7 Ron

    I just put on the Invisibleshield(front and back). I would like to know if it is supposed to completely cover the phone. The back barely covers the chrome sides.

  8.   8 onx

    Hi Jo,

    I can confirm that my Elan case has also scratched the back of my iPhone. As yours, mine is also barely noticeable but yes – a scratch is indeed still a scratch and I am not a happy bunny! I do realy like the Elan case however despite the scratch. Ironically the item that should have been protecting infact did the opposite and caused damage!

    I think I will be installing an Invisible Shield as well!

  9.   9 Tracy

    I’ve been using the Elan case for almost 3 months. If you carry your phone in your pocket, that small dust and grit does get into the case, and does start to scratch the back and edges of the chrome. And while I love the look and feel, I can also report that upon the 3rd drop of “my precious”, my screen was had a crack. I’m still using the Elan on my replacement “precious”, but given a real lack of protection against impact, I’m now in the market for something with a bit more real protection.

  10.   10 Kyle

    I put on an Invisible Shield(which was kind of difficult) and then a Griffin Clarifi. Bad idea. It was hard putting it on, didn’t close all the way, and took a few days to remove. Had I only installed the front Shield, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been easier for the Clarifi to come on and off.

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