Jasper-equipped Xbox 360s arrive, manufacturing date, lot and team details revealed

UPDATE 12-10-2008: Check out this story on Play.tm to see the new Jasper-equipped Xbox 360 and find out what to look for when seeking a Jasper Xbox 360 of your own.

According to the Xbox 360 DVD Drive Database, it appears Xbox 360s outfitted with the much-anticipated Jasper chipset have finally started showing up in stores and at online retailers.

The key things to look for when buying a new Xbox 360 with the Jasper chipset is a manufacturing date (MFR) as early as 2008-08-06, Lot 8031 and up, and Team CSON. (You may have to bribe your local GameSpot salesperson to poke his or her finger through the serial number window of 360 box to inspect the manufacturing date.)

For those unfamiliar with why Jasper’s such a big deal, the chipset features 65nm (nanometers) GPU and CPU chips that require less power and are expected to offer cooler, quieter operation – and consequently fewer RRoD (Red Ring of Death) failures.

Here’s a link so you can check out all of the details for yourself: Xbox 360 DVD Drive Database.


15 Responses to “Jasper-equipped Xbox 360s arrive, manufacturing date, lot and team details revealed”

  • No pictures, no Jasper!
    No one on that website could prove them being Jaspers, they just went along and reported claim having it because of the lot# (manufacturing date)!

    Sorry, but in my book that still isn’t proof!

  • Dude, that website is not credible. The Jaspers are not out yet.

  • Three of the four “Jaspers” in that database are “its really quiet so it must be a Jasper zomg!”

    The last is an obvious troll. Sigh.

  • I call bogus on the Jaspers also.
    You’d have to open the 360 and examine it to be sure, AND you’d have to know what you are looking for.

  • On Falcons you could see the power on the sticker on the box (175W). Jasper should requre less power and therefore a lower watt number on the sticker.

  • yo guys im from singapore.. i saw an xbox with lot. no 0834 in stores… manufacturing date 24 august 08… that should be a jasper.. damn i feel so shitty cause i bought mine a week ago lot no 0829 manu date 17 july 08 i couldnt wait any longer for jaspers and one week later i see 0834 wtf!!!!

  • Im from England and have seen 0835 a week ago on the 60Gb

  • does anyone know exactly when we should be expecting opus motherboards? because i know that valholla motherboards won’t be available for a few years more.

  • I read in a Blog (I dont remember who) that the Jasper MOtherboards come to Stores and Online Stores in November 16 or 19,and one of my friends buy an Xbox 360 Pro 60GB and in the Box Say:

    Power Supply:125W
    LOT No.:0835
    Manufacuring Date:October-29-08

    When i see it i cant belive it but is real.

    My Friend and me play All the Day (10.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M) and nothing Happend

  • “Team:CSON
    Power Supply:125W
    LOT No.:0835
    Manufacuring Date:October-29-08″


  • Hey guys! I just got my new Xbox 360 replacement unit. It didn’t have the original packaging so I can’t find the LOT No.

    The MFR-Date is: 2008-10-24

    The serial number ends with: 84305

    What type of Xbox 360 do I own?

  • From what I have learned, the most accurate way of determining a Jasper chipset is to look at the power requirements left of the serial number (visible without opening the box). If it says 12.1 A (amps), you’ve got a Jasper. The PSU will be 150 Watt, unless they are using an old stock PSU.

    As for a refurb unit being fitted with a new MB, without opening the case and looking at the chips, I don’t know that you could tell a Jasper from a Falcon.

  • ummm… well… if the 360 is quieter and more reliable… then isnt that a good thing???

  • my 360 it have a Manufacuring Date:27-07-08 and team: cson and lote: 0831 .. what is jasper or falcom..¿?¿? please respond.. please

  • @Alex you should have jasper what size is the hard drive? Jasper is suppose to be cooler and not as loud. I have one and it is.Flacon is just an older mother board that still gets rrod. Another way to determine is the power supple. IT should say 12.5A(amps)Like i said you probly have jasper but aslong as you have a warrenty, you can exchang for a jasper if you xbox goes down.

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