Update: joeygadget.com is back online

After a week of troubleshooting with my site hosting service, joeygadget.com is back online. And what a week it was. Thanks to joystiq.com noticing my post “Nintendo Booby-Traps DS Lite Press Boxes?”, my site enjoyed a ton of hits. Please visit joeygadget.com for continued coverage of high-tech gadgets, games and gear. Thanks for stopping by.


1 Response to “Update: joeygadget.com is back online”

  • So glad to see it’s back up! I can’t help but check out your blog every week 😛 Maybe we’ll see your view into the new Tamagotchis that are out? I very much enjoyed your diary from ’97 (curious…do you still have Tommy knocking around a drawer somewhere?) and these new ones use infrared technology to mate.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

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