Can the iPhone do double duty as a laptop?

Can the iPhone do double duty as a laptop?
Slick new phone proves it can go the distance as an all-in-one device
By Joe Hutsko

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  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your first-hand account of the utility of the iphone as a day-to-day laptop replacement.

    First, I must admit that I do not own an iphone and do not intend to purchase one any time soon. My XV 6700 does everything I need and looks decent too with the addition of Spb Mobile Shell, MS Live Search (like google maps), and a BT GPS adapter.

    I am writing to comment on the battery life aspect of the iphone, and relate my own solution to this issue for my mobile device. When I was using my iPAQ some years ago I traveled a lot and used the device for work and reading (via ebooks) while traveling. I was experiencing problems getting more than 3-3.5 hours of battery life. For some long trips in planes, trains and automobiles away from a laptop, or a power outlet, this was a difficult and inconvienent problem.

    What I came up with, and I was not the first to do this, was to create a battery pack to trickle charge the device. This worked wonderfully. I could extend the battery life nearly double. I just picked up the very inexpensive parts from Radio Shack and assembled it in probably less than 30 minutes. All I needed was a 4 cell AA battery case, and 4 AA batteries and an iPAQ connector.

    Long story short, it should be relatively easy to do something similar with the iphone if you had the specs for the current discharge output of the internal battery and a connector to match the charging cradle connector.

    Just thought you might like to explore this idea 🙂


  • Just wanted to add my two cents too. Battery life is a problem in this mobile world. But why all the writers are so adverse to mobile charging, I do not know. I have a cell phone charger in my car for all those times when I am on the road with out an ac charger. When I get to the car, I plug it in and it charges on the fly.

    There are several iPod chargers that use batteries (see previous post) that allow throw away batteries that everyone seems to clamor for.

    Maybe its me but writers today seem to hate anything that works and love things that are crappy. “After applying patches, re-booting six times, talking to support for 4 hours and buying 3 adapters, I have made my – insert Microsoft or other piece of crap here- work as it should or maybe slightly better.” 🙂

    ” I hate this Apple product. While it works as promised, I cannot open beer bottles with it, it broke when I ran over it with my car, and it is not easy to tear it apart to add six things that it does not need. Boy I hate this product.”

    Sorry, I have a busy life and have enough trouble making things work that I have been made to live with (like my work IT supported (sort of) PC etc. ).

    PS, just looking at some “Recent posts” I see:
    “Can the iPhone do double duty as a laptop? (Just where in the advertising does Apple indicate this?? 🙁 )
    “Love affair ends when iPhone breaks” (Yep me too, I really hate my PC. it breaks on a regular basis. 🙂 )
    “iPhone too hot to handle” I have no clue where this one is going? 🙂 But if your t — tv, radio, car, phone, hi-fi, stove, light bulb breaks do we hate it or just get it fixed?????????


  • Elder, I’m not sure I understand what you are saying, at least most of it. I am not a “writer” and am all for charging my mobile devices by any means available 🙂 Which is why I offered up the suggestion for alternative ways to charge the iphone when a typical charging option is not available, like a car charger, etc. A portable battery charger is the way to go, but I haven’t yet seen one for the iphone. I created one a couple/few years ago for my iPAQ and that worked wonderfully for me in many mobile scenarios. To create a mobile battery charger, in general, all the parts are inexpensive and can probably be purchased at Radio Shack (not sure about the iphone connector, and don’t even know what it looks like right now).

  • Joe,

    Please check this out – gives everything you wanted.
    Just needs a wireless phone card to give phone (viop)

    everun pc – 12hr battery life
    (should not be hard to find)

  • Nice article Joe Boy! I agree with you 100%

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