New York Times: Not All HDTVs Can Keep Up With the Action

Not All HDTVs Can Keep Up With the Action

Viewers for whom action matters need to pay as much attention to how fast images are processed as to the size of the screen.

Also: NY Times Tech Talk: Is it time to make the move to HDTV? (mp3)


5 Responses to “New York Times: Not All HDTVs Can Keep Up With the Action”

  1.   1 Ted Philips

    This article contains an error. …

    It says no broadcasters broadcast in 1080 pixels. There are some that broadcast in 1080I (interlaced)… among them, CBS stations
    I believe someone mistook 1080p as meaning 1080 pixels rather than 1080 (progressive), which is what it does mean.

  2. 2 Joe Hutsko

    Ted you are absolutely right – I had it as 1080p in my story all the way up to the final draft that I saw, and then somewhere after that, possibly in the copy edit process, someone changed it. I cringed when I saw the error but there was nothing I could do, since I didn’t get a final look before it went to print. Thanks for pointing it out, and for taking the time to write. Best, Joe

  3.   3 Ted Phillips

    I believe the old grey lady has fixed her error. I feel your pain.

    Ted Phillips
    Editor WCVB-TV / Boston

  4. 4 Joe Hutsko

    Thanks for bringing it up, Ted. Best, Joe

  5.   5 Plasma TV Fan

    I, unfortunately, didn’t understand the response time when I bought my LCD HDTV….I definitely am going for a fast response time LCD HDTV or a plasma HDTV next time.

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