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My home officeThu 05/25/2006 14:02 05252006(003)
My home office workspace
Thu 05/25/2006 14:02 Text note

Having blogged yesterday on how the Nokia 6682 is a great pocket-sized office-on-the-go, I left out one very key feature: Nokia LifeBlog. With it, I can snap a photo when I’m out and about (or bound to my actual home office, as shown here), add a note (which you are reading), and then post it directly to my blog, directly from the phone. This will be a very useful when I want to post blog pictures from various videogame and tech press events or shows that I attend, as they are happening. Alternately, you can connect the phone to your desktop PC (Windows only, no Mac support) and tidy up your shots and comments before posting from the LifeBlog desktop application. Both applications – the one for your Nokia phone, and the other for your Windows PC – can be downloaded for free at You can also go there to find out which phones besides the 6682 can do the LifeBlog thang.


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