On MSNBC.com: A Mac user switches to Vista

Update: Video of Joe’s “Mac vs. Vista” appearance on MSNBC news on 2/3/07.
Update: Audio of JOEyGADGET on TechTalkRadio.com on 2/4/07.

A Mac user switches to Vista by Joe Hutsko
Reporter trades in his PowerBook for a notebook with Microsoft’s new OS
On MSNBC.com: A Mac user switches to Vista

Reporter Joe Hutsko made the switch several weeks ago, from his 12” PowerBook to a 17” HP widescreen notebook in order to try out Microsoft’s new operating system Windows Vista.


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  1.   1 Pete

    As a Mac user I found the article very informative and useful it caused me to avoid buying a copy of Vista and the program
    to run it parallel on my Mac Seems like a lot of overlap
    As you well know the work arounds on a mac can be briefly frustrating
    I think the religious like zeal a lot of Mac users display is due the past image that Mac is barely hanging on and we would be forced to return to windows No longer an excuse

  2.   2 sunder

    As a non-mac and non-windows user (what else could it be? It’s Linux), I found your article very useful and I should confess I snatched 15 minutes from my pet project , my geeky little start-up to read every bit.

    But after having a tingling feeling to go out and get myself a vista + powerful laptop, the end note summed it up against it, some things are better the way they are for good or bad.

  3.   3 Jeff R

    I liked the article but really don’t understand why people choose. I personally like both OS’s. I use Windows when I need to be compatible with something (like accounting programs) and I use my Macbook when I want to geek out in Unix or when I just need a something to simply work.

    I have also used Parallels and can recommend it for those occasional jaunts into Windows. It really is a slick emulator.

    By the way Joe the first page of your article on MSNBC has a few sentences that don’t make any sense at all. I think a few words missing.

    Ok back to playing with Vista….

  4. 4 Joe Hutsko

    Dear Jeff, and several others who wrote to point out errors in the story on MSNBC.com… A B-I-G thank you for sharp eyes. I saw errors earlier too, due in large part, I believe, to the fact that I cut the story in half, from 7500 words, to about 3200 or so. My editor was in touch later in the day to say they caught some hiccups as well, fixed them, and I think all is right (write?) in the Grammatically, Spell-Check-Friendly World. Apologies for mistakes, for which I take total responsibility – I need to take an extra look-see before turning in the Nth draft of any story, and in the future I’ll try harder. I mean tri hawder (flexing my Jersey accent). But seriously, thank you, sincerely, for the comments, folks. -Joe

  5.   5 Geo

    I know you are probably being flamed by the mac-religion, so I would like to act like a counterbalance. As a mac user I found your article interesting. I will probably install vista in a dual boot configuration when I get an intel mac. (Actually a triple boot with linux; I want to buy the Nokia N800 and develop software for it). Don’t let any flamers get to you personally, it was a good article. Very refreshing to see the opinion from a mac user that isn’t just “Microsoft? HULK SMASH”.

  6. 6 HG

    Indirect criticisms to a Mac-sensitive Joe Hutsko.

    First off, introducing your article with a statement about Mac zealots gives the wrong impression to the Windows community and invites a self-fulfilling inevitability that it will happen. At minimum it subverts disagreement. To avoid the flaming, why not just say I’m using Vista today and be done with it? That’s honest enough.

    Maybe you feel you’re writing this version of the switcher’s story in order to bring a voice to the repressed Mac user community. I think such a story is not that compelling. Switching from a 90% market share product to a 5% market share product is much more compelling.

    As for finding new technology enticing, it’s too bad you didn’t wait to switch until after Leopard had been released. Not waiting puts your article on the fast track to irrelevance and makes it appear more as a marketing stunt than anything else.

    Lastly, being that you’re a believer in second chances, you should at least acknowledge that they apply equally to Apple’s user base who have yet not returned to the Macintosh since the ’90s. Today’s 5% Mac share doesn’t compare to its share in the ’80s and ’90s.

  7. 7 Joe Hutsko

    Hi there. Thanks for the posting. The only thing is, like the story says at the start, you didn’t read all the way to the end, and I wish you would/will. Thank you for writing, now read the article, please. And relax. Joe

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