One Minute Review: Pomeroy Computing $65 flat-rate laptop DC power jack repair

HP ZT3000

 An old HP workhorse notebook that survived Hurricane Katrina and miscellaneous other hard knocks stopped working on account of a loose power jack, which wiggled and jiggled like a baby tooth ready to say goodbye.

Nearby PC repair shops quoted a minimum of around $150 just to “look at it,” to which they’d stack parts and labor costs to fix the ol’ girl – assuming they could. 

Enter Pomeroy Computing’s $65 flat-rate DC Jack Repair service. I was skeptical at first, exchanged a few emails with Steve, the guy who does the fixes, then decided to give it a go.

I squeezed the hulking HP Z7000 series laptop into a Priority Mail flat-rate box (less than $10 to ship), dropped it at the Post Office, and within four days (owing to the weekend; the site says you can expect 3 – 5 days turnaround) I received the repaired notebook with the new power jack firmly in place.

Conclusion: This guy is like a seasoned dentist, he does so many of these things he could do them with his eyes closed.

Highly recommended.


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  • I glad to read another good review. I’m about to send my laptop to him. I have a Gateway with the same loose power… he said Gateways are $85 and I am happy to send him my money after being without a laptop for over a year!!

  • I am so glad you two had a positive experience. I however, did not. A real bummer. I called Steve before shipping him my Gateway laptop and he said he could fix my model number. My turn around was not as speedy. I shipped it out Fedex ground on Oct 23rd and did not receive it back until Nov 20th. Communication during this time was disappointing. On November 13th I received and email that the laptop was repaired and working again and payment should be made. Which I process that day. I emailed on the 19th asking the status of my shipment and received the tracking number (a week after it was fixed) and was also informed at that time that both the adapters I sent with the computer weren’t working on my laptop. Seriously, don’t you think this is something he should disclose before stating that it is repaired and it’s fixed so send payment? Also he stated that the laptop did a full charge with his Acer adapter……problem, it’s a Gateway. When I called him, he said he was confused and needed a new Gateway adapter….okay. So I told him that I wanted to make sure that if I was going to spend more money I wanted to make sure it was going to solve the problem. He said he would do some research and send me some info. Never happened. Well, I got the computer the next day, still wouldn’t charge. I called Steve (I admit very frustrated) and let him know that it didn’t even look like the part had been replaced but maybe I am not looking at the right area, could he please call me back and advise me as the what I needed to do to get my computer back up and running. The call was placed on Nov 22nd. I still have not received a phone call. I found a place in town to take my computer. After a complete diagnostic they discovered that the dc jack was replaced but with the wrong jack! Ugh! So now I am spending another $140 to get it fixed again!!!!! I emailed Steve regarding this discovery (the afore mentioned emailed were attached) and asked for a refund of his services. I’m not asking for shipping or even the cost of the part, but HIS time/service. But he states it was working when he shipped it out and the work was done properly and correctly. I am seriously disappointed. Could I have been the one in a million of his customers that had this experience, hopefully and hopefully I will be the last.

  • ********UPDATE, the 2nd computer company was ‘mistaken’ and admitted that the jack was replaced correctly and were now only going to replace the adapter! Please accept my apologies and correction. I WOULD RECOMMEND STEVE – POMEROY COMPUTING!!

  • I just got my laptop back. He did a nice job on the repair for the price of $65 plus shipping. But it was very frustrating because he is such a poor communicator. It took about 3 weeks instead of the 1 week promised which really wouldn’t have been a problem except no emails in the meantime. At one point, I thought that maybe this was a scam to get people to send in laptops they’d never see again. A simple “I’m backed up and it’ll take some extra time” email and I would have been completely satisfied.

  • WEll, I sent out the Laptop, and UPs confirmed it recieved on 12/8/09. I call on 12/11/09 and they said they had recieved it and will be working on it for the DC Jack Rapair or my HP. I got the PC back today 1/2/10! Thats a pretty long time. As far as the work…The jack was replaced and was working, however,The Laptop Screen did not work. On closer examination, I found that the little soft button that sense if the lid is closed or not, was underneith the frame of the laptop and not poping up at all. I took the frame off the laptop and reseated the button and all was ok…but still, I think that it should have been tested before it left the shop! There is no way to miss that one.
    I would still suggest them, because the price is good, and this type of work is a pain, but I wish communication was better (I called once and they told me that they were busy and would call me right back…never did), and I wish the laptop came back to me in a more timely fashion….but most of all, I should not have to open the laptop again to fix something that should have been tested….Sorry guys…I still am recommending you, but there is room for improvement here.

  • Would it not have been as cheap to just replace the jack yourself? I replaced the fans on my laptop and it worked out costing buttons. I’d have thought its just a case of ensuring you get the correct spec jack – which HP could have informed you of.

  • I would strongly encourage you to find someone else to fix your PC. I will never know if he did the job correctly. On return, it was destroyed. FedEx did not believe that the destruction happened in shipping, and would not pay. FedEx policy is to return to the shipper, so I provided another shipping label to Steve at my expense to get the machine returned to me. After a month, nothing.

  • Wonderful Service!!!!! Highly Recommended

    I have an Acer Laptop the DC Jack was loose, I contacted Acer no reply, took it to all the various francishes that have squads and workshops that repair computers and they would not look at it without a payment of $50 whether it coul be repaired or not. I was told not to expect anyone to look at it for under $200 and recommeded I cut my losses and replace my computer then I found Steve in a google search. The laptop worked fine on battery and I had such a lot of information in it that I thought it worth a chance. I contacted Steve on Monday, he responded on Tuesday and recommended using the Fedex box especially designed for laptops and once I got that I could see why. I shipped it Tuesday and Saturday it arrived back in WI as good as new. Wonderful service, good communication. It cost me the shipping out to him and $85 for the repair and return shipping. I have waited a month to make sure not the repair held and no problems whatsoever. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Steve and Pomeroy Computing for excellent work, great communication and wonderful service.

  • I sent my laptop in for repair even though Steve got mixed reviews here. Sad to say, it did take much longer to turn around than advertised and arrived with the same loose power jack condition that I sent it in with.
    I’ve sent an email this morning asking how he plans on handling this. Stay tuned.

  • How

    I’m curious to know what your result was. I encountered the same exact issue.

    The turnaround time was longer than what he communicated. After a couple of weeks I had to call him and he said it was repaired. I sent the money via paypal and almost 2 weeks later still hadn’t received the laptop.

    I then emailed him and he shipped it immediately.

    Had an issue with FedEx shipping which was not Steve’s fault and he was very helpful in that regard.

    Steve mentioned that my power cord was not working. I tried my power cord on another laptop (same exact model) and power cord was fine. I then plugged the “working” power cord from the other laptop into the computer and the jack was wiggly and

  • Howard,

    How did your issue resolve?

    I had basically a mix of all the above comments. Stated power cord was bad (it’s not as far as I can tell, it powers on a identical laptop), long turnaround, and same loose power jack condition.

    I’ve sent an email also and I’ll keep you posted.

  • Power jack repaired on time and on budget. Timeframe as promised. I recommend this vendor as others quoted $200 instead of the $85 that I paid.

  • My Gateway was in need of a new power jack . i was looking on the web for someone to repair it and found Pomeroy and called. I was told that they could repar it for 65 dollars + shipping so i sent it to them. i recived it back within a few weeks working great! i shoped around and i was told that the motherboard has to be replaced for about 320 bucks! thank you Steve !!! i very much recemend Pomeroy Pete

  • My Acer notebook power jack was repaired in a very efficient manor. Steve did everything that he said he would do. I recommend Pomeroy Computing to anyone looking for a good value in computer repair.

  • I sent my husband’s laptop in March. Still waiting for it to come back or get some type of feedback that it is done. I can not say I am happy yet with the repair experience.

  • Contacted twice (e-mail and phone). He said he would get back to me to give me a time/date when I could drop off my laptop. Never got back to me. Found someone else who repaired it for less.

  • I sent my Brother’s Acer Aspire laptop which had a broken power jack to Steve for repair. Sent it on Thursday via priority mail from Florida, Steve received on Monday, I received a confirmation stating that the laptop had been successfully repaired on Wednesday of that same week, I paid via paypal that same day and Steve shipped the laptop to my brother the next day. My brother received his laptop the following Tuesday in the morning. Excellent repair, service and prompt shipping. My brother and I are very satisfied with the work that wasdone. Great job!!

  • I sent in my old reliable Presario in for replacement of the DC power jack. I would have to say I am not real pleased with their slow reponse time. They take days to tell you your laptop is there, they take at least twice as long to repair as their email says, and then once you pay them it takes more time for the email that your laptop is being shipped. NO RESPONSE to 2nd request for tracking number “so I can make sure I am home to sign for laptop”. The only reason that I did not do the repair myself is that it is a major effort to take a laptop apart, and making any repair to a part on the motherboard can be delicate. I am still waiting for my laptop to get back. I have no idea how he shipped it, or when it will arrive. So….I doubt I will use them again. I will report back if the machine repair is not 100%

  • repair done well. The turnaround was not what was promised. The return shipping, which was expensive was in fact fed-ex ground (which should never be called fedex). The machine was dropped off at fedex after shipping cut off for friday, so it stayed there until Monday. Took forever to get the laptop back. USPS would have been faster. So would have UPS ground. Great service, great price, POOR communication from Steve.

  • I sent Steve my Aser Extensa laptop on 6/18/10 and still haven’t received it back. I paid him thru paypal and he will not communicate with me. I have called him several times and emailed him…STILL no reponse! I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I will not recommend him to anyone at this point. I am in a bind without my laptop and the turnaround time is NOT as advertised. BEWARE!

  • Cathy,
    The laptop was returned and dc jack fixed. The motherboard is bad and needs to be replaced. We BOTH took to much time deciding what you wanted to do after a quote was given for motherboard replacement.

  • I had a problem with the mouse pad on my Gateway , so i called Steve and asked him if he had any idea what could be wrong. Steve took the time out of his busy day to walk me thru taking the laptop apart to find the problem over the phone. he pinpointed the problem within minutes and walked me thru on putting it back together. it works great! i would recommend Pomeroy to anyone in need of a computer repair. Pete Ct. USA

  • My business is dependent on daily use of my laptop. When the DC plug-in failed I envisioned having to resend the laptop to the factory repair center and wait a number of weeks for the repair (as had happened in the past). While researching the plug problem on the internet with my particular laptop I came upon Pomeroy Computing and discovered they were located 15 minutes from my office. I called and was told to drop it off in the morning. I signed up for the one day repair. A few hours later I received a call that my unit had been repaired and was ready for pickup. I was up and running before lunch. Talk about great service! I also received a follow-up email to see if everything was satisfactory. It doesn’t get much better than that! Pomeroy gets my vote (and future business)!

  • I have had at least 10 laptops repaired by Pomeroy, and every single one has worked great upon return. I HIGHLY recommend.

  • I would like to know how can i get a status for my pc I sent in almost 3 weeks ago to this company.

  • I sent in my laptop for a DC/Power Jack Repair and two/three weeks later I got my laptop back with display broken that was there before. The display started showing inverted color with multiple moving distorted color lines circular on the screen. Also, the way he took apart the laptop and put it back was a mess unprofessional. I did tons of research online and found that it was a voltage spikes. Maybe when he solder the new DC/Power Jack and damaged the port which connected to the display.

    I had contacted him many time at first he was responding to my calls and emails. But then he completely disregarded me. It was a ripoff so users beware of this company service. I just wanted everyone to beware.

    Not recommended at all.

  • I called Pomeroy set up to meet Steve at 10pm at the shop. He fixed my laptop in 1/2 hour. I HIGHLY recommend Pomeroy.

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