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Guest blogger posts for Salon’s Machinist column

On Friday I filed my last post as guest blogger for Salon’s Machinist column (complete list below). Special thanks to readers for taking time to comment – especially those who left very kind words for my final post.

So long!
How I spent (two weeks of) my summer as Machinist’s guest blogger.
A Grimm take on games
Video game designer American McGee loves the darkest tales best.
One-minute review: Jawbone 2 headset
A new Bluetooth is supposed to cancel noise, but all that’s canceled is the conversation you want to hear.
Give us a (virtual) kiss
Facebook gift designer Susan Kare on Mac icons, computer kisses and everything in between.
Leave my phone alone!
New software for protecting iPhones and smart phones.
The movie-download food chain
From big screen to hard disk, how Hollywood doles out digital media.
All you can eat — for cheap?
Comparing unlimited cellphone plans.
Mini-Note has many problems
The diminutive computer scores high on design but low on functionality.
Noisy and oh-so-nice
Das’ new keyboard has the look and feel of a classic.
Searching 101
Three tips for better search results.
Can Cuil kill Google? Not yet
The new search engine has its perks, but so far, it falls short.
How safe is safe?
Security expert Doug Camplejohn on building a smarter firewall to outsmart cyber slimeballs.
A bookmark for the iPod
Books on tape turn to books on iPod, and listeners must learn to find their places accordingly.
(World wide) web of intrigue
A high-tech mystery and more are on Machinist’s summer reading list.
Do-good phone doesn’t look good
Credo, a new green cellphone company, has great intentions but not such great gear.
E-books galore
Sony expands its e-library, challenging Amazon.com.
Knol lacks knowledge
Google’s would-be Wikipedia competitor doesn’t have the goods to challenge the Free Encyclopedia. Yet.
Phoning it in
Blogging from your mobile: Tools for the writer on the go.
The DVD isn’t dead
More movie and TV downloading devices have entered the ring, but the DVD hasn’t gone down (yet).
User friendly
XBox Live for Windows gets cheaper and adds gamer-generated content.
A stickies situation
Simplify your workspace by squishing your stickies and separating your screens.
Remember typewriters?
Adios distractions, hello single-task focus, thanks to word-processing programs that re-create the simplicity of blank paper and ink.
One-minute review: A balancing act for small spaces
Staying cool in an upright and mostly locked-in position to get things done.
Digital disasters friends and family should have prevented
Oops, I was going to back up my computer, but…
Why the iPhone is the best and worst e-book reader ever
Reading a long novel on a tiny screen is claustrophobic, but if the book is good your brain will get the message.


The New York Times: Downloading: That Other Way to Get a Video Game, by Joe Hutsko

Downloading: That Other Way to Get a Video Game
By Joe Hutsko
Game downloading services have been around for years and are only just beginning to make a dent in sales of packaged game software.



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