BioShock Tip: Harvest or Rescue? Choose Rescue and earn “Hypnotize Big Daddy” plasmid

Early into Bioshock I was faced with a tough decision: Harvest my first Little Sister for more ADAM power, or Rescue her for half the ADAM reward – and Tennenbaum’s promise of another benefit at a later point?

I chose to Rescue, figuring I’ll go with harvesting on my next replay of BioShock (which is, to date, my favorite Xbox 360 game since the platform launched; full review to follow).

Sure enough, two (or maybe it was three) Rescues later, the following sequence occurred, giving up the plasmid “Hypnotize Big Daddy.”

“Hypnotize Big Daddy” plasmid reward:


9 Responses to “BioShock Tip: Harvest or Rescue? Choose Rescue and earn “Hypnotize Big Daddy” plasmid”

  1.   1 brett

    yeah but it never works, hyptonize big dadda

  2. 2 Joe Hutsko

    Works like a charm for me every time I use it – especially when a whole rash of bad guys are unleashed. Big Daddy fires away, making my job easier. I wonder why it doesn’t seem to work for you? Joe

  3.   3 Turbo3G

    Don’t forget the 200 ADAM to make up for the resources you din’t get while rescuing. I actually didn’t get this till later in the game. I think I rescued two then harvested like 4 and rescued the one that qualifies you for the prize. I wonder how many other bonuses she’ll give you. I bet this is the way to get a little sister to think you’re a big daddy. With some other plasmid from a bonus. On a side note, I’ve made two bigdaddies fight each other by one being my protector. Was awesome! 😀

  4.   4 noonbob

    Big daddy is whoopin my butt!!!!! Is there any weaknesses on these guys?

  5. 5 Joe Hutsko

    My first time through I played on Easy, and Big Daddy was easy to nail with a couple of Electro shotgun hits, or I’d shock him first them blast him with any of the weapons and usually he was down in short order. Maybe playing on a harder level makes him much harder to take down? Joe

  6.   6 Alex Bak

    Thanks for the tip mate.
    i’ve harvested 2 and rescued 2 to date… that means the next one lives 🙂
    i like this game as well at least as much as forza2..
    @ Joe dont like playing on easy. all games present no challenge. they are quite hard to kill without grenade launcher – u will have to use telekinesis a lot!


  7.   7 Mr.Funnyshoes

    to noonbob, big daddies are not that hard to take down on the hardest difficulty if u plan the battle in advance. What I like to do, is use them as my protector for a bit, or if u dont have that plasmid, then just get things to shoot in their direction.. works just as good. then after doing that for awhile, I light them on fire, shock them if their in water, and run circles around them, while pumping them full of bullets, from any gun, any ammo, as long as it does some damage. Ive taken 2 down at once with only 2 plasmids and a wrench. I used aggrivate, or aggresive, or whatever the hell its called to get 2 to fight, then I lit them both on fire while they were fighting, and then finished off the winner in a couple hits with the wrench.

  8.   8 matt

    rescue them

  9.   9 Akmun Un Rama

    Bioshock Rocks!!! I’m an oldschool gamer. I was around way before the shooter was invented. So trust me, I’ve seen the changes. For expl… when DOOM was first released, it SUCKED!!! And I hated shooters for like ever. Then a friend talked me into watching him play CRYSIS.And oh man, was i sold. I play so many shooters that I have to wear a brace on my hand. I actually broke my thumb in the middle of Halo 2 and had to wait to finish it. Anyway, thanks for the sister advice, and here’s some for the guy who likes em’ harder. PLAY ANYTHING BY CRYTEK! those guys should only put 1 difficulty setting on their games called “YOU ARE GONNA F#$KING DIE!!!” have fun sayin’ those are too easy.

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