SOHO Notes: The start of a long-term working relationship?

SOHO Notes in actionThis is a test, to see if I can post a blog entry directly from SOHO Notes for the Mac – particularly if it supports formatting, like italics, and bold. If so, cool. I may be using SOHO Notes more for my day to day work – non-fiction and creative/fiction – than I have in the past. It seems like a more functional way to bring lots of disparate information together, under one roof. It has a Palm sync option, so I’m covered on that front, and there’s also a Journal folder, and another for keeping track of Passwords – securely, I expect. A side feature is called Services, which lets you search for info in SOHO Notes much the way you search for system-wide information using Spotlight. A little panel in the lower right corner bearing the SOHO Notes tab pops open for quick access to SOHO Notes folders, and there’s also a clipboard feature for going back several steps to information copied to the clipboard, to paste as needed. That could come in handy. I also see a little key icon in the middle of the tabbed SOHO Notes pop-up window, and I’m guessing that is for access to the aforementioned passwords I’ve saved. Possibly more to come on this subject, as I continue to work with the program.

Update: I was not able to post to my blog as directly as I expected; I need to figure out an Atom API connection between SOHO Notes and my blog.

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3 Responses to “SOHO Notes: The start of a long-term working relationship?”

  1.   1 Steve

    Did you get your blog posting to work?

    Read so many bad reports about soho, I hooked up with yojimbo instead.

  2. 2 Joe Hutsko

    Hi, Steve. Not yet – but only because I have not returned to the subject. I may once I get through this current round of stories I’m writing for I’ll check out Yojimbo too – I seem many positive comments about it. Thanks for checking in! Joe

  3.   3 Steve

    I have had no luck 🙁

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