One Minute Review: Jasper Xbox 360

By now the new Xbox 360 you buy will be built around a chipset known as “Jasper.” 

Jasper 360s feature a redesigned motherboard with 65-nanometer graphics and processing chips. The cooler running, less power-hungry sum-of-parts is meant to make the infamous Red Ring of Dead a thing of the past.

My Xbox 360 arcade, purchased in October, was acting weird – mainly lockups when sending messages to Xbox Live buddies. Having purchased the Product Replacement Plan with the Xbox 360 from Tim at the Hamilton Mall’s downstairs Gamestop last October, I returned with the console for a replacement. There was Tim again, smart and friendly as before, but unfortunately he was out of 360 Arcades. He checked with the store upstairs, nada, then called the Shore Mall store, where Travis told him he had one left, and yes, he’d hold it for me.

I drove to Travis’s Gamestop, gave him the dud machine and inspected the new one to make sure it was a Jasper unit, and repurchased the $19.99 Product Replacement Plan for the new one, in case something goes wrong between now and this time next year.

How did I know it was a Jasper? As reported for months, the thing to look for when buying a new Xbox 360 is a power spec of 12 volts, which you can find by inspecting the box’s serial number cutout hole. It may take some finger wiggling to reveal the power rating – assuming, of course, the person selling you the unit allows you to handle the box in the first place.


Unlike the Xbox 360 Arcade it replaces, the Jasper version doesn’t come with a 256 MB memory card. That’s because Microsoft soldered the memory onto the motherboard, making the card unnecessary for saving settings and game progress. With my initial purchase of the optional 120 GB hard drive ($140), the total cost for my 360 was $340 – $40 more than the Xbox 360 Pro, which comes with a few things the Arcade doesn’t: A 60 GB hard drive, a chrome-finished disc tray door and button, a headset, a standard and HD video cable, and, at present, different bundled games. Since I already own a wireless headset and HD cable, doubling the hard disk size for only $40 was worth more than the only thing my 360 was missing –  chrome-accented disc door and button.

The new Jasper 360’s 150-watt power supply is lighter and absent of the visible fan found on older, higher power versions, and maybe it’s a placebo effect, but to my ears my new Jasper-equipped Xbox 360 runs quieter, both with and without a disc spinning inside. 

Summary: Pretty much the same Xbox 360 as before on the outside, albeit with quieter, more energy efficient components running the show on the inside.

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65 Responses to “One Minute Review: Jasper Xbox 360”

  1. 1 Joe Hutsko

    Nope Jasper merely means the new 360s – all models – are equipped with cooler running CPU and graphics processor. Whether it’s a 360 with hard disk or an Arcade, without, makes no difference. Joe

  2.   2 Sam

    I work at an Video Game store that also repairs xbox 360’s and after several weeks of digging through the internet our store found what truly causes the 360’s to fail. In an effort to create more eco-friendly electronics Microsoft chose to use a lead-free soder which make more sense in the long run, but Microsoft didn’t know is that lead-free soder requires much more heat to melt. The 360 manufacturing plants didn’t heat the motherboards enough to melt the soder on the inside of the GPU and CPU. According to physics, when things reach a certain temperature they begin to vibrate at a very high frequency and thus the 3RROD, E74, no video but sound, and other problems all caused by the motherboard vibrating the chips loose. In oreder to counteract this Microsoft is releasing a new system that ” runs cooler ” but in reality they are just sodering correctly and fixing an almost 4-year problem. Shame on you Microsoft!!!!

  3. 3 john

    if i buy a used 360 that was bought new for xmas 08 with the 60gb HDD will it be a jasper?

  4. 4 Joe Hutsko

    Quite possibly. Check the manufacturing date. If it’s later than October you’re probably getting Jasper. Check the database described in the post to see what dates they show, and ask the person selling the used one to give you the manufacturing date, so you can find out. Good luck!

  5.   5 cheap xbox games

    My xbox 360 is noticeably more quite with the new components, and doesnt get nearlly as warm.

  6.   6 edwin

    i jsut got my xbox 360 pro on tuesday the 5-5-09 and it started freezing with in 24 hr i was playing for 5hr online when it happend so i thought it just got hot so i let it sit for 3 hours and it wouldnt go more tehn 5 mins before it freezes and it is th 12 volt one i called microsoft and they said its need to be sent in not a happy camper. alot of my friends had the 16 volt one and never had a problem as some of them been playing for years

  7. 7 erik

    @edwin- Umm… buddy, there is no such thing as a 12volt machine. It’s 5v and 12.1Amps. Besides, once your machine freezes, the xbox would throw out a 2 red ring warning to show that it is overheating. If the problem recurs, then the whole console would shutdown and produce a E74 warning. You see, the xbox is fault intolerant, so if the problem persists more than once, the console would shut itself down and throw out either 1, 2, 3, or 4 red rings, depending on the type of error.

    In other words, it won’t be running and freezing more than once.

    You are BS-ing again, aren’t you? Shame on you, Sony fanboys.

  8.   8 dave

    @erik, it’s 12V at 12.1A and 5V at 1A. Yes, it takes 2 DC voltages. It even shows that up in the picture.

  9.   9 B

    @erik, who says an xbox360 can’t run and freeze more than once? My 360 started pausing for a second a few weeks ago. Then one night it froze about every 20 minutes. A restart worked every time (for another 20 minutes). I played like that all night. Then the next morning it froze and a restart gave me 3 red rings. Just my experience.

  10. 10 arterial spray

    @B. Your story mirrors mine from last weekend. Froze up two different times on Friday after about an hour or so. The next morning I tried again and my box went straight to red ring.

  11.   11 TLG

    Well, I just purchased a confirmed brand new in an unopened box jasper 360 pro 60 gb unit. I tried getting a refurbished falcon unit with the same specs but just ran into rrod problems. I sent it in the second time and am getting a full refund on it. They also sprung for the shipping label. Never buy a refurbished model they have nothing but problems. Buy new. I learned the hard way. I hope this new system gives me no problems, in any event I plan to call Microsoft immediately and get an extended warranty. I would suggest every one else do the same. I like the xbox 360, however Microsoft is not exactly my favorite company. I’d welcome any responses or feedback, hence the post.

  12.   12 Chris

    If someone could answer my question it would really help, just mentioning. Basically I’m buying a new 360 Pro this week because my old one broke via the 3 red rings. I would like to know if the ones out on the shelves now are the re-manufactured ones or the ones out there aren’t the fualty ones? It’s already June of 2009 they still can’t be puting fualty 360’s out there, would they? I’m not sure but I hope the one that I get isn’t another bogus piece of machinery. Also if the thingy in the hole of the unit’s box says 12 instead of 14 it means it’s jasper correct??? Please let me know?

  13.   13 badmamajama

    If you really like xbox 360, you shouldn’t be complaining since you already knew the problems before you bought xbox 360. Give your selves a favor and stop complaining. Buy your selves a ps3. I have my ps3 for 2 years now and play it for at least a minimum of 8 hours a day. there are times that I forgot to shut it off and it runs 24 hours with out problems. Just so you know, there is a pc version for every xbox 360 game so you ahve the choice to stay away from the 3RL xbox.

  14.   14 Net


    It all depends on the retail store’s sales volume, not Microsoft, as to whether or not there will still be some Falcon models or older 360s on the shelves. You pretty much have to look through the Serial Number slot on the box and hope that you can find a Jasper one. More often than none, you will get one. as I did, on the first try. Just look for the 12v specification. The 5v — 1a is nothing to be worried about as it’s just referring to the power supplied by the USB ports for controller/accessory charging purposes.

  15.   15 Steve

    I just got a Jasper xbox 360 Arcade version at my local Walmart. Just look at the unit through the cutout on the box just to the left of the bar code sticker on the xbox itself. There you will see the voltage 12V-12,1A ;5V-1A (small print). The 12,1A means it is a Jasper.

  16.   16 Jugger

    So I thought I would post here regarding some issues I am having. I own an Elite system (but use my original launch 20GB hard drive). I didn’t buy the Elite for the storage capacity, but because it was black and matches everything else in my entertainment system. Didn’t need the 120GB so sold it. My system was made 01/28/08, and I purchased it new at Best Buy on 03/21/08. The voltage line is 12v-14,2A:5v-1A. Yes, I understand the “14,2″ means it is not a Jasper chip, but which chip revision would I have? The one before Jasper? If so, was that considered Falcon?

    Anyways, my system has been problem free until yesterday, but let me give a few bits of info first. I don’t use any type of secondary aftermarket fans or peripherals. I have my 360 is a open-air shelf next to my Blu-ray player, running a higher end HDMI cable from it to my plasma. Air flow problem is non-existent as I know putting the system in an enclosed cabinet can cause overheating. The power supply brick is simply behind the television stand, again, plenty of air can get to it. When the system is off, the light on the power supply is amber/orange, when the unit is on, the color is green.

    Again, up until yesterday, the system has been flawless. I was playing COD: World at War, and during the solo campaign around level 8, my system froze up. Basically just the green dot light on the power button was lit up, but the screen/game was frozen. I restarted, it did the same thing at the same point in the game. Did it a few more times, could advance a little further in the level and it did it again. I checked the disc out and it was fine, not a single scratch or crack on it. Decided to try a different game, and it played fine, for about 30 minutes and it too froze up. I restarted again and it froze up at the main menu. Then it froze up at the 360 welcome screen. Unplugged all cables and plugged them back in, removed hard drive, and reattached, etc.

    Decided to clear out the system cache, thus, uninstalling any updates. Loaded up the games, they continued to freeze up. Now, I have not gotten the dreaded red rings of death but my friend believes they are coming. I can’t figure what else to do to check anything. Microsoft in the past has said to simply plug the power supply into the wall socket directly and not into a surge protector. I use a mid-range Monster power center/surge protector as all of my components are plugged into it to protect from energy spikes, etc. Microsoft claims the power supply for the XBOX 360 has a built-in surge protector, but do I believe that claim? I am having a hard time believing it, which is why I plug the power supply into the surge protector I use. Any one want to chime in on this? I don’t play my system nearly as much as the average gamer.

    But now I just tried playing again and it again froze up, so I taking a break from the 360 until I can get this resolved or figure out what I am missing, if anything. After reading this epic, if anyone can let me know what the problem may be, please let me know here.

  17.   17 ishake

    Jugger, its most probably what my 360 used to do. But mine was flashed and that is why it failed to show to the rings for some reason. What is happening to you is simply, the road down red ring-ville. I know its not a joking issue, but you should really not worry too much bout it.. the red ring can be delayed for systems bought before october 08 but not prevented. Take it to a repair shop, at most they might have to fix the problem using the worst case scenario tool that is a motherboard transplant.. where i live its worth 180 dollars.

  18.   18 David

    I bought a new xbox elite with a jasper chip and it requires a 150w power supply brick. I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find the 150w power supply for sale anywhere! help please>?

  19.   19 Tim


    You can actually use the 175wat or 203wat power supply with the new system. Older power supplies will work with newer system but, probably will waste more electricity. However, the newer power supplies won’t work with the older systems because they don’t provide enough power for the older system.

    If it was new it should come with a power supply unless you got an opened box with missing parts.

  20.   20 Ryan

    I’ve heard that there is another new 360 coming out this year with the 45nm with both CPU and GPU combined. Its called Valhalla. Should I wait for that or buy the Jasper one available? Valhalla can reduce chances of RROD to minimum to null.

  21.   21 Mike

    Hi there,

    I purched the Jasper xbox360 arcade with production date: 2009-02-20.
    The xbox has NOT been screwed around with! But today, the xbox just froze up with playing call of duty 5, and it gave me the 3RROD immediatly. I shut it down and let it cool off. After 5 mins, i turned it on again, and it gave me the same 3 red lights, and this time i could not hear the fans blowing, and i could not eject the game disc out of the dvd player. Its like there was no power at all, only to the LED on the front. after 20 mins i turned it on again, and it all ran fine. Im kindda worried. This jasper is NOT safe, just like all the other xbox360 bricks i bought. I feel ripped off by microsoft.

  22.   22 TBD

    Mike— How long have you had this Jasper 360 (before rrod, or signs of it, appeared)??

  23.   23 chris


  24.   24 Rob

    Just an addition to the list of people who have suffered problems – I have an Xbox Elite that was manufactured in January 2008. Over the last few months I’ve had the occasional freeze that led me to think that the RRoD couldn’t be too far away. Lo and behold, I switched it on a couple of days ago and got an E74 error message straight away. I’m pretty sure I have a Falcon m’board (correct me if I’m wrong) and am now waiting for UPS to pick up my ill Xbox. Bah!

    I’d be interested to know if anyone has any knowledge regarding the issue of using surge protectors or not?

  25.   25 vomitpuke

    Are you kids still forming a line to give Billy your lunch money? I think that I’ll pass on that Jasper… As a matter of fact I think that I’ll also pass on anything else which reads “360″. When the “720 cash extraction gaming experience” is released, well I’ll be sure to check it out when they get all of the bugs worked out in say… 2020 or so.

    54% fail rate isn’t too bad I guess. I mean a $400.00 game system that is defective by design is a pretty good deal for only $200.00… right?

    I mean, you have to pay for the xbox live service and it’s full of 12 year old kids who were actually raised by the xbox live service rather than by their parents and there’s also all of the cheaters/modders to deal with but it’s still fun… well

    Sure the only games that are supposedly worth playing are H3, GTA4, Gears 1&2 and I didn’t really think the actual Game Play of any of those titles even compared to the mediocre stuff on the original xbox. I have played more of my original xbox games on the 360 than 360 games. Let’s face it, “next gen” console gaming is all about selling defective systems & seriously crappy “games” with pretty graphics. Game play has gone straight down the crapper.

    I have had my 360 for about 2 years now. The only reason that I have owned it for such a record breaking amount of time is, to be honest, it’s a P.O.S. that I am basically afraid to turn on and the games SUCK. I played my old xbox more in 2 weeks than I have the 360 in 2 years. I used my original xbox daily to play cd’s, DVD’s, a sh1t ton of games, etc. I dread having to even play a DVD in that trash can of a system.

    When the RRoD comes, it’s getting toweled and pwned for an original xbox & ps2. I miss playing video games…

  26.   26 Mark

    hey joey, is this RROD proof? i had my falcon died after a yr and 2 months..

  27.   27 PS3 and 360

    @ vomitpuke”
    You really do need to get your facts right about failure rates.
    Firstly you quote some silly figures from a “READER SURVEY” no proof of ownership needed it was a fanboys dream.
    I have both machines but I am far more worried that my PS3 will break again as the cost is now $150 (No more contnious play!!!!)..

    The real world figures outside the internet as in REPAIR CENTRE FIGURES –
    The USA 3rd party insurance company SquareTrade (offering the biggest after sales warranties) have just released data showing that the latest Xbox (the Jasper) has a failure rate of less than 1%.
    The “PS3 10% and the Wii rate is 2.7%

    EUROGAMER went to a UK repair company and the results for the PS3 were much worse than the web fanboys made it all out to be –
    “Why PS3 and 360 drop dead for the same reasons”

    EG-” Talking to the company’s engineer, Darren Thickbroom, it instantly became apparent that many of the Internet truths surrounding the console failures were anything but, heat dissipation issues of the Xbox 360 up until the most recent Jasper version were hardly exclusive to the Microsoft console. Slowly but surely, just like its competitor, the issue of PlayStation 3 reliability is being brought into question.

    “While the scale of the so-called YLOD issue is difficult to judge in context of the all-pervasiveness of RROD, the fact is that what I learned on my visit was pretty shocking: whether you own a Microsoft or SONY console”.

    Worse still if you have a PS3 and it dies after the first year YLOD(Yellow light of death) etc you have to pay $150+tax no more Continous play Sony DROPPED that so one year and thats your lot

    And now reports are coming in from respecatale AV forums about the noise of the PS3 slim –

    The Xbox 360 Jasper and it’s 3 year guarantee(collected and delivered to your door) looks a lot of a better option than the PS3 1 year and then you pay $150+tax no matter what guarantee …….

    The motto of the story is belive no one on the internet when it comes to the Sony PS3 or the Xbox 360…………………

  28.   28 sam

    i want to buy xbox360 jasper from usa and take it with me to my home country and the problem is my home country voltage is 220v ,
    can i simply change XBOX 360 Jasper Power Supply Brick AC Adapter to other xbox360 supply brick 220v or that will damage my xbox360

  29.   29 Dusty

    Your an idiot. I was on of the first to get a 360 when they first released. From day 1 in 2005 I’ve had nothing but freezing.
    Now on my 5th console, I still deal with it. NOT ONCE have I ever gotten ANY red rings/lights or shut downs.
    My #1 issues are DVD-ROM going out (refusing to read, loud ass grinding noises) and constant freezing.
    Each of the 5 consoles I’ve had (all replaced because of warranty) had some form of those problems or all of them. NONE had red rings.

  30. 30 jerry

    oh how lovely.
    i just bought a new xbox 360. My old one was the 16 volt one and it just died, but i have the new jasper version. I beleive the manufactuar date for my new console is june 2009. It did freeze once but no biggy.

  31.   31 JOHNNY

    I Love Xbox 360 because I had a PS3 and it died, but now I will buy a Xbox 360 Pro which contains the Jasper chipset and I am amazed with this console because the bundle contains a lot of pros that the Elite or arcade doesn’t have, my favorite things are the 60GB hard drive and the new power brick which is smaller than the other and lighter also cooler. I want to give this message for the people that really wants to buy a real gaming console but one problem is that if you want to buy the pro just becareful because it is limited and will dissapear soon, just look if it says 12V in the top hole of the box which means you have the Jasper.

  32.   32 chill

    Any one give advice pls; my boyfriend wants an xboc 360elite, do i go for a referb one as they cheaper or would you recommend the new Jasper sysytem that apparantley does not get red lights. i know very little about the systems.

  33. 33 Nick

    Johnny so the PS3 is not a real console?,so what is it. A tea cup or a cute little puppy perhaps.

    You fanboys are getting crazier by the day.

  34.   34 Adam


    Get a new one, 2nd hand one’s are almost always broken in the first place.

    And yeah, Jasper chip is pretty much essential. 😀

  35. 35 seansean

    i got an xbox 360 arcade(not sur eif it was jasper or not) but i didnt have any actuall problems with it. i only had it for about a little less then a month. and i had no problems at all. no freezing. no nothing. well the only problem was that the controller seemed faulty(it started disconnecting for no reason, even after brand new batteries) but other then that. it ran well, and never scratched any discs. until my cat knocked a small(1/4th of a pound) strobe light onto it from about 5 inches up. then it stopped reading discs. i restated teh concole. and it began to read discs again. but. when i pressed “play game” it took a good 5 seconds before the disc started spinning(never did that before) and it was making loud grinding noises. and then i tried playing some games. i played gta4, and teh game was super glitchy. id enter in a cheat code. and id get the effect and message. then while driving down teh street(cheat panel CLOSED) i got the “cheat entered” message. amnd then there were wall where there wasnt walls. id be riding my motorcycle. then id just hit something invisible and it would bounce me back. and so i took the disc out after 5 minutes of that nonsense. and teh disc felt really warm. so i felt the console. and it was HOT. after only 5 minutes. =[
    so i exchanged it for a new one and it should be here tomorrow. hopefully i dont run into any problems with this one.

    and also. when this new “valhalla” xbox comes out. i think microsoft should let people trade in there older models for free, for a new valhalla model.

  36.   36 whirlp0ol

    I currently own 2 Xbox 360’s and 1 PS3 and I can safely say the only reason the Xbox and the PS3 fail is because they both run too hot and if you don’t store them correctly they will fuck up fast. When I play my Xbox I pull it into the middle of the room so it can get full airflow going to it and it works fine. Only had 1 RROD (after 3 years of gaming on it) and that was replaced withing 2 weeks by microsoft FOC. My PS3 never makes a noise and has never overheated in any way shape or form and it never needs to be moved from its shelve. My advice for everyone is make sure you’re xbox can get as much cool air as poss and you will be fine. It will fail but don’t help it fail by playing it for 12 hours at a time and keeping it in an enclosed space.Don’t even worry about the PS3 as most of the games are not good enough to play for long periods of time anyway so it should never overheat.

  37.   37 Don

    So, I’m in the market for a 360… or so I thought until I started reading all of the very unhappy owners’ stories. Maybe I’ll just get an iTouch and call it a day. I don’t really spend a LOT of time playing console games to be honest, I like Xbox 360’s built in NetFlix capability. And I personally find the Playstation 2 to be flimsy. My XBox 1st gen from 2001 is still running great.

  38.   38 Miguel

    Well i just got the Jasper board and let me tell you, its alot quieter and doesnt even heat up with about 3 hours of gameplay. compared it with my friends xbox that has had the RROD twice andyea there is a difference his get hot after like 30mins of gameplay xD

  39.   39 iain

    Gutted another elite 360 knackered, only had it 14 months, keep it on an open desk in my room so cooling is not a problem. Had a fault early on this week where only the green power light would come on and it would not boot up, sorted that problem out only to get E74 message today.

    Microsoft will repair it but the turn around is 3 weeks and from what I have been reading it will only develope the same faults again and again and again. Off to the shops to try and get a jasper version later today.

  40.   40 Benjamin

    I want to purchase elite console but very sceptical. I might wait until 2012 for 720.

    I can buy a nice laptop for the same price of this (gaming) machine.

  41.   41 Nick

    If I go to my local electronics departmentt(best buy, walmart, target, eb games, game stop, etc…) and purchase an arcade today, will it have the jasper chipset?

  42.   42 Morons need 2 STFU

    ERIK, you are a complete idiot. They ARE,… 12V dunce. I have 2 of these POS 360’s which are both 12V!

    BADMAMAJAMA, you are in the same tard boat as ERIK the dunce.

    Many of the games on the 360 never come out on the PC. And the ones that do, come out 6 months to a year or more later!

    Get your heads out of your asses before you act like you know something morons. It’s not like this shit is even hard to find out. Google before you act like you’re an expert stupid.

  43.   43 kuro

    I had XBOX 360 for 3 years now, mine was giving me prob on this year. RROD, locks up, some shit ass error, locks up again… was a nightmare!!!!!! Now, i just bought PS3 and OMFG…it does not gave me any probs!!!! LOVE my PS3!!! u XBOX 360 users shud switch!!!

  44.   44 Michael

    I am not an expert, but i have noticed no one on here has ever said if they had there xbox 360, and if the owners smoke in the house. i had one of the very first xbox 360, and we smoked in the house, and i got the red ring of death like 30 days before the one year warranty ran out. Sent the xbox back to microsoft, and they gave me a brand new console in 3 weeks and it still was the 16.5A again.

    it lasted another 2 years before it took a shit again and with the warranty gone i opened it up to look at the inside. the fans, the cooling fins all had a layer of nicotine that was makeing dust stick to it, probally making it hard for the cooling fins to displace heat. all im saying is try to keep the area where your xbox sits free of smoke and dust, because after a year or so alot of dust and nicotine will get into your console especially if you play it for long periods of time and smoke often in your house.

    i am getting the new jasper xbox 360, despite the fact that when microsoft sent me a brand new console i tried to get another warranty they told me the new xbox was registered to a different person i tired to tell them there has been a mistake but they didn’t do shit about it so i knew when it would red ring that i would be completly screwed even with the regular warranty they were supposed to give me

    i hate microsoft but i love my X360. xbox always had the best games and the computer versions are toned down a bit i just hope that microsoft won’t make me regret it again this time around. well good luck to everyone who buys a game console because no matter what microsoft says, you are always going to be takeing a gamble when you buy one.

  45.   45 JenGem

    In response to Chris’ post way up there and you others too. I am on fourth xbox replacement. Yes, they do send out the faulty ones when you send it in and then when they go bad they do it again. Xbox has been nothing but a endless finance and I’m screwed because I have maybe 40+ games and nothing else will play it. I was on the phone with them for an hour which tests my patience to begin with and I ended up talking to three people (who I had a hard time understanding) and the last one called the guy inhuman. They talk like computers, will not stand behind their product and keep milking us for more money. So, now it’s a decision, no xbox or fork out MORE money for an elite which by reading the posts still has problems. Microsoft should be ashamed for putting out terrible products and not standing behind them. Bill Gates should take his billions and give everyone who ever had the RROD or freezing or unable read disk problems a FREE Elite, compliments of his fat checkbook. Do I sound pissed? I sure am.

    So I call a game shop here in town and I can get an extended warranty for 60 bucks after Microsoft’s one year expires. Doesn’t that sound a bit high? Why should I have to pay more for something that should work in the first place? I don’t buy a tv or a microwave and expect it to breakdown in a year. Anyway, that’s my gripe for the day. Ciao!

  46.   46 Wolf

    Hey im wanting an Xbox 360 for christmas but reading all this im wondering stuff now. Im wanting the Xbox 360 Elite w/ Jasper but i want to know strait up. Does the new Jasper get the dreaded RROD or not? is it full proof? because i dont want to even mess with RROD because its so stupid. someone should answer soon because christmas is in 3 days XD.

  47.   47 Bryan

    Mine E74′d after 2.5 yrs last month. Sent it in under warranty, but while waiting I decided to do some research into this. My neighbor had two RROD’d 360s and no intention to exercise the warranty as they both had been repaired once already only to last a month or so each. He let me tear them down and inspect the boards. What was very interesting was the retention clips had sloppy tolerances. One unit had a processor heatsink that rattled loosely on the board. The other unit had both heatsinks a little loose. Both units also used a gel type thermal compound of a type that isn’t reccomended for applications needing very low thermal resistance (i.e. high power dissipation). When I thoroughly cleaned the silicon and heatsinks and applied a new high quality thermal compound I then used some M5 screws in place of the stud/clip combination and some washers for correct standoff. The heatsinks are now perfectly mated to the silicon and both Xbox’s have been running perfectly for nearly a month now.

    There’s not much you can do to check for this w/o tearing down your xbox and voiding the warranty however. If you happen to be at your wits end though you can go this route. I found a lot of material about this already on the internet once I knew to look for it though.

    Cheapest way is to get one of the disassembly tools off Amazon for a couple bucks. Mine had some links to some PDF docs that had some really useful pictures for disassembly and repair. Also get an Arctic Silver Replacement kit (cleaner, purifier, paste), a package of 50 or 100 M5 12mm screws ($3) and a couple 100pc packages of M5 nylon washers ($2). I got those from Amazon as well since I was there. This way you have enough spare parts to do more repairs for friends and family. Word got around and now I’ve fixed a half-dozen for family members. I’ve started drilling out the 8 holes in the bottom of the board where the old T10 screws used to be so that I can get to the new M5 screws to tighten them if necessary (forgot to use loctite) and to make sure the chassis bottom is flexing the board up a tiny bit due to the height of the M5 screw heads.

    Now for the disclaimer. Your mileage may vary. I think this is a pretty rational fix though. The errors are related to thermal issues and you don’t get much worse that bad heat sink application. The current assembly looks like it’d be wicked fast to put together in production…. hence why Microsoft is doing it. Most of the industry had to work through some RoHs soldering bugs. Those aren’t going to be around any more on the models from the last year or two.

  48.   48 Steve Jackaman

    I brought my 360 back in July o7, has been fine till the start of this year where I got RROD, I fixed it and worked great up untill a few weeks ago where I had to fix again, I was going to mod with some extra fans but before I got to went yet again last Sunday and now wont work at all 🙁
    Looking at the Elite jasper model next 🙂

  49.   49 Savannah

    Well, I’ve had my Xbox for quite a few years now, and it’s died more than once only to be resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes. I’ve had E74, overheating, and even the RRoD, yet somehow this little machine has still barely managed to last, albeit a pain in the neck. It takes a while for my 360 to realize I do really have a game in there and not a DVD, and that’s on brand new games, too.

    Two days ago I bought Dragon Age: Origins. Brand New – no flaws, only to have it not work. So far I’ve added a few tiny scratches to my nice (new) disc, all thanks to my ancient 360. It reads quite often as a DVD rather than a game, and then when it does start it freezes 15 seconds after I load my character’s profile. I think it’s time for a new Xbox 360.

    “Why not go for that $300 Xbox 360 Elite bundle with the Lego Batman and Pure game?” I thought. It sounded like a pretty good idea until I read some things online like, “My Elite died just after the warranty ran out!” Well now, I don’t want to spend $300 for a console that will break so soon! Does anyone know if the bundle I’m talking about has this Jasper thing in it? Or if it will in fact break shortly after my warranty is gone?


  50.   50 Rich

    To ‘Sam’ above talking about lead free solder.

    I work for an electronics firm. Microsoft didn’t ‘choose’ to use lead-free solder. The world has been forced to use ‘environmentally friendly’ solder with not that much notice, and unfortunately despite the lead-free version supposedly being ‘the same’ there were loads of unforseen consequences that only reared their ugly heads after manufacturing had taken place.

    Another example of environmental drivel screwing up the manufacturing industry

  51.   51 hey

    question, I have the HD cable and a 20gb hardrive(came from pro) but my xbox wont read discs so I have to knock on it everytime I want to play a game. if I buy an arcade(cheapest one) will these cables work on it? And to the arcade xbox’s come with the jasper chip or only the pros?

  52.   52 nerdstrm


    I just got a new jasper arcade 360 after my elite died a few months ago. All of your cables should work, but I would definitely recommend using only using the ones it came with unless you wish to use an HDMI cable for video output. I use one and it works like a charm. The difference in resolution is subtle but pleasing at least to me since I’m half blind anyway. LOL

    Um, and by the way, knocking your xbox is never good as the motherboard and heatsinks are just kinda hanging there in the first place. Actually, “knocking” it causes more problems than naught. It is the next gen equilivent to a VCR eating a tape IMO.

    Furthermore, your 20gb hdd will work as well since that’s what I use. To answer your question about whether or not the arcades come with a jasper, I think the answer is more than likely yes by now. But I would check first. I got mine at Gamestop and they let me tinker with it to check for the specs. (see image above) Depending on who’s working and how busy it is, they are usually pretty friendly and understanding about it.


  53.   53 nerdstrm

    @ Bryon

    I had an Elite that I got from a 3rd party that died about 4 months ago. It was one of the first elites so I’m sure it was bound to happen. Anyway, I found the fix you were talking about and since I hadn’t any warranty I figured “why not?”

    I ended up fixing it about 10 times after the initial repair I made using your method. Call me OCD, but I lost a lot of sleep over this thing. Before my last one, I’d just return it for another which was a whole lot easier and less stressfull than disassembling and reassembling over and over week after week.

    I do agree that it should only be done if you are over warranty. However, the peace of mind involved in getting a new or referb is way better than having a brick that Microsoft refuses to fix.

    My point, I’m kicking myself in the butt everyday for not sending it back for repairs or whatever. I would gladly pay extra to have my elite back. But instead I freaked out and turned into a “ware-geek” thinking I could do it on my own.

    Ahhhh, peace of mind is sooooo priceless, but kudos for putting the info out there.


  54.   54 mark

    I recently bought a 60 gb xbox pro with jasper chip. Working fine now and it does not really heat up that much. I’m sure if they would just use better cooling and use LEAD in the solder !!! they would work fine. Anyways I wanted to ask that how do I know if my waxbox is getting too hot? it’s pushing cool air on the top and from the back it’s ofcourse a little warm. Is there any difference in cooling with the ones that have jasper chips? Should I change the paste in between the heatsink and processor and put some m5 screws in? would it help that much?

    i’m really liking this console and I dont want it to break down so early. even 2 years is not nearly enough for a console! I mean I’ve had my 8-bit nintendo for almost 15 years and ps1 that is working better than ever. The reason I got an xbox is because it has the most GOOD GAMES! I had a ps3 for 2 months from my buddy and yes I have to say it’s a nice console aswell, loved metalgear solid and would want to try gran turismo 5 some day! didn’t have any problems with the playstation and I guess one thing I would say about it is that it has a little bit easier learning curve than xbox, but I dont really favor any of the consoles, I’m much more a pc gamer but a very poor one who is tired of upgrading and dealing with a product called windows.

  55. 55 Tj

    So, look here I’ve had a PS3 for 1 and a half year now, no prob and to tell ya I’ve been playing it like crazy, now since its gonna be a long time between GoW III and GT5 (rumored October), I was thinking of getting an Xbox, initially i want a 360 just to play its exclusives and since it has great backwards compatibility.. but then again the original Xbox has more “gems” than the 360 does right now plus the fact that it can run homebrews, emulators for PSX and N64, and even MAME has got me thinking twice, any advice ppl??

  56.   56 Donte

    Ha i just bought a 360 for christmas got a 2 year warrenty. My xbox does not turn off. like a play for a while press the power button to trun it off and i goes of but the fans keep going and the power light flash green about every ten seconds. The only way to trun off is to pull power cord. I have read some thing saying that it has corresion on the front of the board. Also this is a JASPER chipset. I keep it on a fully metal stand buy it self like 3 feet away from the wall and TV stand. Does any know what else it could be. THis is my second xbox and dont plan on buy another one. Any help would do. THank you in advance.

  57.   57 hey

    @donte check in your settings for console. check the one for how you want your console to turn off. it should say “background downloads” take that off and switch it to just turn off. that happened to mine.

  58.   58 Donte

    @hey i wont be able to check to see if it works for a few days. I am going to tell my friend who has the same problem and see if it helps him. I realy hope this works.I will tell you if it does. Thanks

  59.   59 Greg

    I bought the 360 for my son the first year they came out. It’s a Zepher. Had an issue a year after we boughtit that we had to send the unit back to Microsoft for service. All covered under the factory warrenty. The repaired unit has worked fine since. This unit has a ton of hours on it! COD and Madden for up to 8 hrs straight at times.Yeaterday I watched Netflix movies for 4 hrs straight. I’m 40+ yrs old and have to say Microsoft has the upper hand in online gaming and entertainment. I used to play Quake in the old days of the Zone.
    I just bought a used 360 Jasper today, so my son can have his 360 back, and will repost if I have any issues.

  60.   60 Zian

    I have a 2006 360 Pro, and I love the system it by far has the best games out there namely the Gears of War Series and the Mass Effect Series. However about three months ago I got the RROD and the thing died while scratching my Fight Night RD 3 disc, not only that I stand witness to those who claim the 360 freezes up sporadically because mine did so months before the actual RROD incident at which point I called microsoft since my box was 2 years and 8 months old at the time, and the rep told me that since I lived in Puerto Rico (even though I bought the Xbox 360 in Harrisburg Pennsylvania) I was going to have to pay the shipping, at which point I decided I would buy a PS3 not because I like the system, as I like my Xbox 360 more because it has the better games at this point IMO. Nonetheless I felt betrayed by the company because it is not fair that I should have to pay for something that shouldn’t break down in the first place. My PS2 is 9 years old almost ten and it’s still running just as good as it did the first day I played a game on it. Not only that but I am not sure the Jasper unit fixes all the 360 issues as it stands right now I have known about 9 people who own 360’s here and in the states and all of them had have the dreaded RROD happen to them infact my one friend has had his his 360 fixed up twice because it keeps breaking down, my cousin bought a Jasper unit and it didn’t go 6 months before it died on him, luckily he had store guarantee, that being said I am looking foward to getting a PS3 this month while regretting that I will never get to play ME2 or the Gears of War series again. But I wont give microsoft over 300 dollars for a new system only to have it break down on me, in fact I feel Microsoft owes me at least that much money as it stands.

  61.   61 Scott

    All 360’s have a three year warranty for the red lights that make the system not work. I had the original one till 2007,sent it in got a new one. The 2007 just died. I am sending it out to be replaced. I have a microsoft three year warranty just like everyone else on the so called red ring of death. Send it out its free.

  62. 62 360 pro

    ok first of all. older systems run longer because they have simpler hardware. yes xbox 360 gets the rrod, ps3 gets the flashing yellow light(search it for proof), and the wii gets the blue screen of death(not relevant). second, Sony has far more experience in making gaming systems than Microsoft. Third i purchased an xbox pro edition in fall of 2007. it has lasted me 2 years before contracting the E74 message. im completley content with my gaming experience so far, considering that this only Microsoft’s second gaming system, and i would gladly purchase another Xbox 360. Kids cannot make inferences by their experiences alone and i admit Microsoft has some work to do. But give Xbox a chance; My brother purchased a playstation 3 in summer 2008 and he got the flashing yellow light. He simply went out and bought another one, he didnt hop on a random websit and start talking nonsense about the ps3

  63.   63 Abraham

    Does the x box 360 arcade at walmart have the jasper chip?

  64.   64 James

    I had an old 2005 arcade, one of the very first, got RROD after just less than a year, mickysoft fixed it and it never did it again until a few weeks ago, ive had it flashed too. Although i did do a case mod, in which i added more powerfull fans to replace the originals and an extra 12cm fan on the side above the large heatsink. Unfortunately becuase stoooopid bill gates and co. had to squash the heatsink under the DVD drive, there was no case mod i could figure out to keep that area cooler. Ultimately it was the processor chip under that heatsink that failed.

    Conclusion bad design, but still well worth the 4/5 years of supreme gaming time spent on it!

  65.   65 Richdad

    Jasper is not trouble free. Thats 100% correct. Only a complete redesign could change the issue. I have 2 failed 360 as of now. i have reapired one of them and going to repair the second one.

    BUt thats no good I am a user. I should not be opening 360 now and then and repairing it. The definite problem is the lead issue. 360 has no design issue it is the soldering issue that is killing it. One of them is a 2006 model and second one is a 2008 model (falcon chip).

    The blame goes to MS for poor design choice and also to EU norms which has forcefully led MS to select lead free solder.

    I have a PS3 too, but I need 360 too. Without it my gaming experience is reduced to half. But this RROD thing is just unbearable.

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