iPhone 2.1 update and my first bug: Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset travel cable isn’t compatible…then is

Since every gadget site on earth already spread the news that the iPhone 2.1 firmware update is now available to download and install there’s nothing more to say on that front in general.

But I do have a weird 2.1 update quirk to share.

After downloading and installing the update and restarting my iPhone 3G, I received the message: ”This accessory is not made to work with iPhone.”

(Also weird: When powered on the first time my iPhone 3G’s speaker is mute when I tap my password into the “Enter Passcode” screen to unlock my iPhone.)

The only accessory attached is my iPhone 3G is the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset travel cable, and I find it hard to believe that at least some of the testing engineers at Apple aren’t users of the headset themselves, which means they’d experience the same hiccup. What’s more, the battery icon showed that the iPhone 3G was getting juice to charge, yet the Bluetooth Headset icon was missing.

Then again, my the travel cable is plugged into a powered USB hub (by Belkin), so maybe that had something to do with the bug. After all, the powered hub on its own doesn’t even recharge my iPhone 3G unless I have it plugged into my MacBook, so maybe the hub was the culprit.

Guilty as charged?

Guilty as charged?

First, I unplugged the iPhone 3G from the travel cable (still plugged into the hub) and plugged it in again, and this time I received no accessory incompatibility error (and the headset icon appeared).

I wondered if maybe the bug only occurs when powering on the iPhone for the first time. To find out, I powered off the iPhone, unplugged the cable from the USB hub and plugged it directly into my MacBooks spare USB port.

I powered on the iPhone 3G and once again I received the accessory incompatibility error.

And once again I unplugged the cable, plugged it back in, and as before received no error this time (and the headset icon appeared) – but still no sound when I typed in my passcode.

I powered off the iPhone, powered it on again, and I got the error again – yet this time there was sound whe I typed in my passcode.

Weird, right?

I’d be curious to hear from others about their own Weird iPhone 2.1 Update Tales.

UPDATE (10:51 AM): Further adventures in weirdness: When I power off my iPhone 3G and plug the Bluetooth Headset travel cable into the wall charger then power on the iPhone I still get no sound when I type in my passcode, and though I don’t get the accessory incompatibly error, the iPhone Bluetooth headset icon is absent until I unplug the iPhone then plug it back in.

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16 Responses to “iPhone 2.1 update and my first bug: Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset travel cable isn’t compatible…then is”

  1.   1 David

    Check you iPhone’s dock connector for debris – I’ve seen this issue occur with nothing connected… and a dock connector full of pocket lint. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the stuff out. The contacts should be shiny gold – if you see any green corrosion in there, that would be bad.

  2. 2 Joe Hutsko

    Thanks for the tip David, it’s a good one, however the contacts are clean and this weirdness began immediately after installing the iPhone 2.1 firmware update. Coincidence? Not seeming so, but we’ll have to wait and see if others report same hiccup. Thanks again for taking the time to comment to remind iPhone users in general that clean contacts are happy contacts. Joe

  3. 3 Ryan

    Joe, I get the same notice: ”This accessory is not made to work with iPhone.” This happens the first time the phone is powered on with the Bluetooth Travel connector connected. Everything works, the bluetooth icon appears and the phone charges, i just have to dismiss the notice. Like your situation, mine also doesn’t re-issue the notice after dismissing it the first time until i restart the phone.

    Wierd issue yes, but it’s not affecting the phone that i can tell.

    Overall, i’m happy with the 2.1 update. This should have been the update that was released when the iPhone 3G was released.

  4.   4 Steve

    Hi Joe… FYI- haven’t installed 2.1 yet, but a friend of mine who has the same setup as you said that he has had that same problem with every update of the firmware and the travel cable. He says he just dismisses the dialog (as @Ryan sez) and everything works fine.

  5.   5 Apple Mac

    Nice post Joe. Very interesting info. Thanks

  6.   6 Geoff

    I’ve got the exact same issue.

    Further reading the Apple discussion forums, it appears that many are having this issue. Some have suggested a complete restore will resolve your issue, but I and many other who have done the restore have yeilded no resulting change.

  7.   7 Component Cable Problems

    I have the same unsupported problem with a 3′rd party Component cable I bought off ebay. But mine no longer works!!
    I can get it to play a few seconds of video before the video goes off and then doesn’t recognize the cable till its unplugged and reconnected.
    I bought one of Apples $50 component cables, but also wanted to wire one in my car to the roof flip down LCD for my kids.
    Didn’t want to spend another $50 so found one on e-bay that said it worked. I even double checked that it did work fine with the 3G even though the auction said it did. Its worked fine for the last few weeks, until I updated to 2.1. Now it will only play a few seconds of video before “loosing connection, or something) the cable still works fine with my wife’s non upgraded iPhone. Mine also does work with Apples $50 cable, I think they are just trying to limit competition like they did with all video products on the previous iPod upgrade.
    (oh also had my iPhone give an unsupported message with a griffin Power Cable once, every other time its still worked)

  8.   8 jayrck

    i have a problem,.i can’t update my iphone 3g to itunes 8.I tried hitting update button many times but an error keeps on appearing ” an error occured ( 9006 )” anyone can help?

  9. 9 Joe Hutsko

    jayrck: I searched on the error and found a number of others say it has to do with an iTunes downloading error. Check out this link:

    Scroll to the bottom where the person describes this possible solution:


    “Look for a folder called “Downloads” in your iTunes Music folder. If there is such a folder, look for files that would be the partial download and delete those, so that the download starts over from the beginning. Then try again using the “Check for Purchases” command under the iTunes Store menu.”

  10.   10 jayrck

    hi joe.thanks for your response but i don’t have problem downloading a movie.My problem is Iphone 3g update 2.1 is here already and i can’t update 2.0 to 2.1 in my itunes.There’s an error occurred in the middle of the process.its ‘error 9006′.

  11.   11 [email protected]

    Just updated to 2.1 when I plugged my travel cable with the headset plugged in (needed recharcge after talking 16 minutes). Got the same problem; no more mention icon, and got the error message. The headset is not a strong product, got a several flaws I believe (no light telling you it’s on, quick to lose juice, etc.). If I have to go through a restore, I guexx I’ll just use another headset…

  12. 12 Brooke

    I have had precisely the same issue with an Apple component cable. For quite a while now, my husband and I have been using the cable and my iPhone to rent movies. I can take it to the gym, or I can share it with hubby via the component cable and his Widescreen. No longer. Not since immediately after updating the software, when I received the same message you did.

  13. 13 James

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at blackhatbootcamp.com/listofwordpressblogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  14.   14 Nik

    Upgraded to iPhone 2.1, for me its the buggiest release yet. I frequently get “No Service” which only a reboot of the iPhone will fix. Also, 2.1 seems to draw more power. I now need to charge my iPhone every day, as opposed to every 2nd day previously.

  15.   15 Davide

    Hi, I’ve the same problem and the bad thing is that I can’t charge the iPhone with the original cable owned whit the bt headset kit.

  16.   16 OMG!!!

    Freekin Apple always want to make more $…now i cant use my cable from ebay…SCREW YOU APPLE!

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