iPhone 2.01 visual voicemail headset problem still can’t hear you now; Jawbone 2 retry sounds no better in spite of “experimental” buds

Two things to do with wireless audio. First, a number of iPhone users reported 2.0 devices paired with Bluetooth headsets worked fine on calls but they were unable to listen to visual voicemail messages via the headset, forcing them to dial in to their voicemail and listen to it the old fashioned way. My iPhone 3G had this problem with one headset, while it worked fine with a second headset – the Aliph Jawbone 2, which I reviewed for Salon’s Machinist column (giving it low marks for its underperforming noise-cancellation feature). Users are reporting the visual voicemail problem isn’t fixed with the iPhone 2.01 update; I’m unable to test because I don’t have a second headset handy.

As for the Jawbone 2, Aliph sent a second Jawbone 2 to try in case the first was defective, and also tossed in two “experimental” gel earbuds to try to see if they did a better job of keeping their Jawbone more firmly planted against mine. With the standard earbuds the NoiseAssassin was as ineffective as before while talking and walking my dog along lightly busy street traffic under low sea-breeze conditions. The test bud has an extended flange of sorts that makes plugging the headset into the ear awkward because of the loop, and though the extra-push it provided pressed the Jawbone 2 more firmly against my face, the sound quality was barely better, and the lightly yet still more forceful feel grew uncomfortable after 20 minutes of yapping. My only explanation: Maybe I need to work my jaw eating more junk food so my cheeks fill out to make the Jawbone 2’s job easier.


4 Responses to “iPhone 2.01 visual voicemail headset problem still can’t hear you now; Jawbone 2 retry sounds no better in spite of “experimental” buds”

  1.   1 Linda

    I also can not listen to voice-mail with either of my 2 bluetooth headsets.

    I’m using the iPhone v202.

    I don’t remember if it ever worked on earlier releases.

  2.   2 Peter

    I’ve got the same problem. Before upgrading to 2.0.2. I could pick up my voice mails using my “blue tooth”. Now I can only get them via phone speaker or dialing in from another phone.

  3.   3 Carey Craig

    my new 3 g phone with the latest software updates as of 9/23 wont let me listed to voicemail in my car. when i hit the audio button i get a choice of phone speaker on the phone of “bmw03030″ ( my bluetooth connection in my car ) I cant hear any of the voicemails and have to toggle back to the phone speaker or listen on my phone which is now illegal in California.

    Any fixes out there or anybody else have this problem?

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